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This is a guide to buying and maintaining apps. If you already own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and know both how to buy and how to do this, you don't need it. However, we have met many people who are interested in our apps and want to know more about the process of buying and updating them.

These instructions apply to any app available on the iTunes App Store, not just those made by Cowirrie. They do not apply to the app stores for other devices or operating systems.

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Computer or iOS?

You can manage apps in two different places: the iTunes application on a computer running Windows or Mac OS, or on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The latter three devices all run the operating system called iOS, so are grouped under that name in the instructions that follow.

Use iTunes on your computer if:

  • You don't yet own an iOS device
  • Your iOS device isn't connected to the Internet, and you're using a computer that is
  • Your computer's Internet connection is faster or has a larger quota than the wireless connection on your iOS device
  • You have multiple iOS devices sharing the same iTunes account (if you own both an iPhone and an iPad, for example)

Use your iOS device if:

  • You don't own a computer
  • Your computer doesn't run Windows or Mac OS, or is otherwise unable to run iTunes

It makes no difference if:

  • Your computer and iOS device connect to the Internet through the same Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Your computer connects to the Internet by tethering through the data connection on your iOS device

Managing apps through iTunes on your computer

Managing apps on iOS


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