Profs’ Phonics Smar-test released

Profs' Phonics Smar-test iconThis morning two new Profs’ Phonics apps passed review and entered the iOS App Store.  As with Profs’ Phonics 1 and Profs’ Phonics 2, these were developed by Cowirrie for Doc Ruth.

In Profs’ Phonics Smar-test, you can create tests on beginning, middle or ending sounds, then sort pictures according to those sounds.

As with other Cowirrie and Doc Ruth apps, Profs’ Phonics Smar-test is available in separate free and paid versions.  Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 1 (free) contains 5 beginning sounds and 44 words.  Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 2 (paid) contains 17 beginning, middle and ending sounds and 101 words.

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