Profs’ Phonics Smar-test released

Profs' Phonics Smar-test iconThis morning two new Profs’ Phonics apps passed review and entered the iOS App Store.  As with Profs’ Phonics 1 and Profs’ Phonics 2, these were developed by Cowirrie for Doc Ruth.

In Profs’ Phonics Smar-test, you can create tests on beginning, middle or ending sounds, then sort pictures according to those sounds.

As with other Cowirrie and Doc Ruth apps, Profs’ Phonics Smar-test is available in separate free and paid versions.  Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 1 (free) contains 5 beginning sounds and 44 words.  Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 2 (paid) contains 17 beginning, middle and ending sounds and 101 words.

Where did the two extra sounds come from?

Almost all the pictures in Profs’ Phonics Smar-test are from the posters used in the existing Profs’ Phonics apps.  However, Profs’ Phonics 2 only contains 15 posters, while Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 2 contains 17 sets of words.

The additional sets are middle /a/ and middle /e/.  The existing posters contained many words with these sounds – like “map” and “tent” – so we used them.


This snail appears in the “ending l” poster for Profs’ Phonics 2. In Profs’ Phonics Smar-test, it may appear in both “beginning s” and “ending l” tests.


This map may appear in “beginning m”, “middle a” or “ending p” tests.


What is this sneaky rabbit doing? Profs’ Phonics 2 owners already know.


We re-coloured a few of the pictures, like this shrimp from the “middle i” poster.

Where do I find it?

View the Profs’ Phonics apps on the Cowirrie website.

View Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 1 on the App Store.

View Profs’ Phonics Smar-test 2 on the App Store.


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