Walking to Lobster Falls

Short, wide waterfall flowing into pool

Lobster Falls is comprised of two cascades in the Lobster Rivulet as it passes through the Gog Range, Tasmania, Australia.

Getting There

The good news: you can drive to the start of the Lobster Falls walking track without leaving a sealed road. It’s on the road between Deloraine and Chudleigh, within an hour’s drive of Launceston.

The bad news: the “car park” is a grassy patch next to the road, marked by a single signpost. Watch out for mud, especially if you’re visiting after rain to see the falls at their best.


The track started well, with a flat surface and a variety of marker types. While initially helpful, these became confusing when different markers pointed in opposite directions. There was also an inconveniently large fallen tree.

Then the track started following the cliff above Lobster Rivulet. Even this was a promising start, with a well-made bridge. Then the track became narrower and rockier, while the cliff became steeper.

The worst part of the track is the rocky slope down to the upper cascade. The lower cascade is further away down a gentler slope.

Lobster Rivulet and Lobster Falls

Both of the cascades are short, wide drops. Further downstream the Lobster Rivulet joins the Mersey River, which flows north to Devonport.


The first part of the walk was through dry forest, some of it still showing old fire damage. Close to the lower cascade it became wetter, with some ferns and moss under the shelter of the cliffs.


On the road, we observed a fine herd of Highland cattle having breakfast. During the walk itself, the one non-human animal we saw was a Sugden’s flatworm – an example of a land planarian, and a small but worthy creature.


This video follows the Lobster Rivulet from the upper cascade downstream to the lower cascade.


Road Sealed
Parking Small, potentially muddy
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to Chudleigh or Deloraine)
Latest visit 9th September 2012


Walking Stick

The track along the steeper parts of the cliff was unpleasant but passable. The steep and rocky track down to the upper cascade was clearly impossible. The descent to the lower cascade was no problem.


Travelled 4.7 kilometres in 2 hours 24 minutes. The walk was pleasant despite being delayed by the confusing sign. Made the descents to both cascades, found the lower cascade a much more pleasant spot.

Should I Visit?

It’s a moderate walk to a nice waterfall, but Tasmania has some spectacular waterfalls at the end of shorter walks.

If you’re more concerned about driving than walking and live between Devonport and Launceston, the road part of your journey could not be easier.

If you visit, go to the lower cascade first. Supervise children while walking along the cliffs.


Mole Creek & Chudleigh – Lobster Falls

Great Western Tiers – Lobster Falls

Paddle Tasmania – Lobster Rivulet

All photographs from this walk

Map from this walk

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