The StepScape App

StepScape is an index and map of published day walks in Tasmania. With more than 2,000 walks from over 800 car parks, there is always a walk to suit you nearby. The built-in search can help you find it by text, length, tags or publication. The references can help you find complete details on each walk.

After the app purchase fee, StepScape has no In-App Purchases or subscriptions.

What does the app do that the website does not?

All of the walk information in the StepScape app also appears on the StepScape website.

The app also does more:

Offline Use

Both the text and the whole map of Tasmania and its walking tracks remain visible even when in the wilderness and far from mobile networks, or in Airplane Mode.

Map of Corinna showing location pin on walking track

Record Your Opinions

Label the walks and write comments about your walking experience there.

Map of Rocky Cape National Park showing marker pins in different shapes and colours
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