Walking to Tomahawk Point, Tasmania

Photograph of beach with rocky point on the left and small island on the right.

Tomahawk Point is a coastal feature near Tomahawk, Tasmania, Australia. A short walk leads from Tomahawk to Tomahawk Point.

Getting there

This part of Tasmania could use some more creative nomenclature: Tomahawk Road led to Tomahawk, where we parked near Tomahawk Beach and walked across the Tomahawk River to reach Tomahawk Point and look at Tomahawk Island.

Tomahawk Road led north off Waterhouse Road. It took 10 minutes to drive from there into Tomahawk. Once there, the car park for Tomahawk Point was a left turn onto Morgan Esplanade, and then another left turn to the car park.

All roads were sealed until the final 200 metres of Morgan Esplanade. Drivers wishing to avoid any gravel could easily park there and walk the additional distance.


The walk started with a track and shallow steps leaving the car park. It crossed the Tomahawk River on a long metal footbridge. From there, walkers could descend to the river level, or briefly walk across the sand dunes. Both routes joined together after 100 metres at the estuary of the Tomahawk River. The majority of the walk was on sandy beach for about a kilometre, with a final section of rock at the point.

The Point

The most obvious feature while standing at Tomahawk Point was the view of Tomahawk Island, just a few hundred metres away. The channel would definitely be too deep to wade, even at low tide. The rocks rewarded a close look, and there was one lively rock pool.


A few flowering plants were growing near the car park. The walk was not overall noteworthy for its botany.


Assorted sea-birds lived on or near the beach, including a pied oystercatcher (Haematopus longirostris). Two small crustaceans boldly stood around on the sand for photographs: an Australian Sea-Slater (Ligia australiensis) and a soldier crab (Mictyris platycheles).

This video shows a soldier crab walking and burrowing. It repeats at half speed.


Latest visit 22nd October 2018
Road Unsealed for the final 200 metres
Parking Small, unsealed
Shelter None
Toilets Yes (nearby on Tomahawk Beach)



Walked 2.3 kilometres in 58 minutes. Reached Tomahawk Point, looked at Tomahawk Island and returned. Was surprised by soft sand in a few places, but otherwise found it a good level beach walk.

Should I visit?

The walk to Tomahawk Point is a good introduction to the coast of northeast Tasmania. If you are driving between Bridport and Gladstone, it is easy to think that there is nothing to see. If you have 30 minutes to spare, take a detour to Tomahawk and spend 10 minutes on the beach. If you have 90 minutes to spare, detour to Tomahawk and walk to Tomahawk Point.


SLS Beachsafe – Tomahawk Point (w)

Map of this walk

All photographs from this walk

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