Walking to Whaleback Lookout, Tasmania

Photograph of rolling hills with short green vegetation under cloud.

The Whaleback Lookout allows views over the hills of western Tasmania. It is a very short walk of about 120 metres from a car park on the Pieman Road.

Getting there


The track surface was gravel. It was a straight, steady climb to the lookout at the top of the hill.


The lookout was marked by a cylindrical pillar with a metal plaque on top. The plaque showed local landmarks, as well as locations that were out of sight.


The vegetation around the Whaleback Lookout was typical for alpine Tasmania: low and windswept. A closer look did reveal a number of flowering plants.


Latest visit 28th November 2018
Road Sealed
Parking Large, gravel
Shelter None
Toilets None (nearest are far away at Tullah and Zeehan. At Corinna, there is a public toilet block inside the hotel.)



Walked 280 metres in 18 minutes. Reached the lookout with no difficulty and wandered around the edge of the car park. Clouds on the day of the visit made hills hard to see, but still a pleasant place to be.

Should I visit?

This is not a lookout to seek out for its own sake. It is, however, a good place to stop and stretch your legs during the long drive along Pieman Road. The plaque at the lookout will help regain a sense of direction.


Hydro Tasmania – Our power stations – Pieman

Map of this lookout

All photographs from this lookout

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