Walking to Duckhole Lake

Photograph of small lake surrounded by trees, with reflections.

Duckhole Lake fills a sinkhole near Hastings, Tasmania, Australia. The track to the lake is one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks.

Getting there

Duckhole Lake is over an hour south of Hobart, and a correspondingly longer drive from anywhere farther north. We stopped at the Hastings Caves Visitor Centre to enquire about the state of the track, then drove north. This was a scenic route, but the southern parts were very narrow, although still suitable for two-wheel-drive cars. The car park was a flat patch of ground next to Creekton Road, just east of a bridge over the Creekton Rivulet.


Floods in January 2011 destroyed some boardwalk, but for our visit in April 2013, it was still possible to walk to Duckhole Lake with dry feet. A few metres of the track still showed visible flood damage. The rest was in good condition.

Rivulet, creek and lake

The first third of the track followed the north bank of the Creekton Rivulet. It then crossed a small bridge and followed a nameless creek that flowed out of Duckhole Lake.


The track was surrounded by rainforest. The ferns were both numerous and varied.


A spectacular variety of lichen grew at the Duckhole Lake end of the track. This rewarded close inspection of the ground and trees.


Mushrooms in many colours grew in the leaf litter. Bracket fungi were less common, but often large.

Forestry Relics

The area around Duckhole Lake had been logged many decades ago. A few relics remained from that era.


This video follows the rivulet and creek upstream, ending at Duckhole Lake.


Latest visit 13th April 2013
Road Unsealed
Parking Small
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to Hastings Caves Visitor Centre or Dover)


Walking Stick

Mostly easy and comfortable walk, but a couple of short steep slippery inclines required assistance. The picnic table at Duckhole Lake was a welcome respite.


Walked 4.7km in 2:20, reaching the lake and returning without difficulty. Admired the moss, lichen and ferns.


An easy walk along a pleasant creek to an interesting lake. Definitely worth the trip.

Should I visit?

Yes. Duckhole Lake is an amazing place, and is worth the long drive and moderate walk needed to reach it. Tasmania has some dramatic waterfalls, and some spectacular glacial lakes, but Duckhole Lake is in a class of its own for its tranquility.

If you don’t have time for the lake, the track along Creekton Rivulet is still a pleasant walk through rainforest.


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Map of this walk

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