Walking to Snug Falls

Photograph of waterfall pouring down layered cliff.

Snug falls form where the Snug River flows off Snug Tier, near the town of Snug on the Huon Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia. A short walk leads to the base of the falls.

Getting there

First we drove to the town of Snug, on the eastern side of the Huon Peninsula. Roads on the peninsula have more hills and bends than maps may suggest, so allow plenty of time for this part. From, Snug, Snug Tiers Road led west off the Channel Highway. This soon changed from sealed to unsealed, and split in two, with Snug Tiers Road continuing on the right and Snug Falls Road on the left. We took the left turn onto Snug Falls Road and followed it to the clearly signed car park.


The Snug Falls Track was a gentle but continuous descent. This also meant a long climb coming back. The surface was earth and fairly even, with just a few patches of roots, rocks and mud.


Eucalypts and wattles grew along most of the track, changing to rainforest near the river and falls.


The track descended past a cliff near the falls. This was probably the same rock that the falls poured over. It was colourful and had been eroded into peculiar shapes.

Snug Falls

The falls were a single long drop into a round pool. The surrounding trees neatly framed it, making a picturesque spot from most angles. From here, the Snug River flowed east into North West Bay.

Kiernans Falls

We were not aware of this at the time of our visit, but adventurous walkers with good navigation skills may find a second waterfall, Kiernans Falls, across the Snug River and about 100 metres north. For more information, follow the link below.

Waterfalls of Tasmania – Kiernans Falls


This video shows the Snug River at the base of Snug Falls.


Latest visit 23rd May 2015
Road Unsealed for 2.5 kilometres
Parking Large
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to Snug)



Walked 3.0 kilometres in 0:57. Enjoyed the walk down, the cliffs and the falls. Regretted not bringing a full tripod to the base of the falls. Had to hurry back up the hill before sunset.


An easy walk with moderate grade and interesting due to variation in the vegetation and rocks. The falls were high enough to be impressive and you could stand by the pool at the base or scramble around the rocks, giving it a very snug feeling.

Should I visit?

Yes. If you visit the Huon Peninsula and only have time for one bushwalk, make it this one. The walk is pleasant and the falls are beautiful. Do allow some time to rest on the return walk from the falls to the car park; even quite fit people will find the continuous climb to be tiring.


Greater Hobart Trails – Snug Falls Track

Waterfalls of Tasmania – Snug Falls

TasTrails – Snug Falls

Map of this walk

All photographs from this walk

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