Walking to Junee Cave

Photograph of small river flowing out of cave mouth.

In March 2015 The Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania reported that this track was closed due to damage to the bridge at the start of the walk. Since then, Environment Tasmania has built a new track to make it accessible again.

Junee Cave is a short distance from the town of Maydena, Tasmania, Australia. While only trained cave divers should enter the cave, all can enjoy a short walk along the Junee River to the cave mouth.

Getting there

The road to Maydena was easy to find, although the Gordon River Road beyond Westerway wound around a lot. From Maydena, Junee Road branched north across the Tyrenna River. This soon turned into a single-lane unsealed road. This kept fairly level and was no trouble for a two-wheel-drive car. Unfortunately it stayed level by winding tightly around the hills. It would not admit large vehicles, or drivers concerned finding a vehicle driving out as they drove in, and possibly needing to reverse to make room for passing.


The track was easy to follow. Just beyond the old road bridge at the car park it turned right into the Junee Cave State Reserve. Around the halfway point it crossed the Junee River on a footbridge. Beyond the bridge it narrowed significantly, while remaining distinct and solid. The end was boardwalk, climbing and opening into a viewing platform at the cave mouth.


Both the track and river were surrounded by ferns, from individual fronds growing out of the river bank, through ankle-high bracken, to treeferns arching over the track. Moss and lichen also thrived in the shade and moisture by the river and around the cave mouth.

Junee River

The track closely followed the Junee River banks upstream. The river displayed many different moods, even in the short length of the track.

Junee Cave

The viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk provided a safe place to stand and look at the cave mouth and the surrounding vegetation.


This video shows the Tyenna River at Maydena, then follows the Junee River upstream to the mouth of Junee Cave.


Road Unsealed single-lane one north of the Tyenna River
Parking Small
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to Maydena)
Latest visit 17th December 2012


Walking Stick

This was a very pleasant walk with good surface underfoot all the way. Steps at the end were necessary to get up to the viewing platform to see the river running out of the cave, but there was a hand rail.


Walked 1.7 kilometres in 1 hour 32 minutes. Enjoyed the many views of the Junee River while following its banks. Reached and returned from the cave without difficulty.


Was absent walking a 30 kilometre segment of the Tasmanian Trail.

Should I visit?

Yes. This is good short walk through rainforest, and the caves make a pleasant change from the much more common waterfalls at the end of rainforest walks.

Almost anyone not in a wheelchair should be able to complete the walk, although young children should be supervised along the river banks.

The only problem with this track is driving along Junee Road. Drivers with concerns about unsealed, narrow or single-lane roads should avoid this walk. Nervous drivers who really want to see the cave could park at the Tyenna River and walk along Junee Road, although this would mean walking almost 3 kilometres each way on the road in order to reach a 1 kilometre walking track.

Bring a torch if you want to examine the cave formations from the viewing platform.


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