Why we couldn’t walk to the Anchor Stampers on Blue Tier

Photograph of dam with hole due to flood damage.

Update – 21st December 2015

Read the comments on this post for details on a new track to the Anchor Stampers site.

Original Introduction

The Anchor Stampers is a piece of old tin mining equipment once used at the Anchor Tin Mine on the side of Blue Tier, Tasmania, Australia. A 20 minute walking track used to visit the site, but in April 2011 floods destroyed a dam that the track crossed. The photographs in this post show the damage state of the track in May 2013. As of April 2015 the track remained closed, with repairs under discussion.

Getting there

The Anchor Stampers site was on the west side of Anchor Road. This road was unsealed for its entire length, and became progressively narrower and rougher as it continued north. The Anchor Stampers track was near the north end. Parking for the Anchor Stampers was on the side of Anchor Road and easy to miss.



Latest visit 19th May 2013
Road Unsealed, narrow
Parking Small
Shelter No
Toilets No

Should I visit?

No. Not unless you are transporting a load of gravel, cement and bridge parts.


Forestry Tasmania – Forest visitor sites closed indefinitely (12th April 2011)

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages – Anchor Stampers

Map of this site

All photographs from this site

2 thoughts on “Why we couldn’t walk to the Anchor Stampers on Blue Tier

  1. There has been a new walking trail cut through to the Stampers past the water wheel site. It is a sign posted and clearly marked track through picturesque forest starting beside the Groom River bridge.

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