Walking around the Bicheno Lookout Rock

Photograph of granite rock outcrop with occasional plants growing on it.

Lookout Rock is a granite outcrop within the town of Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia. A short loop walk circles the rock.

Getting there

There was no really good road to Bicheno from the rest of Tasmania. The logical drive from Hobart would be along the Tasman Highway up the east coast. From Launceston it would be fastest to drive south to Campbell Town and east past Lake Leake, but might be prettier to drive through Fingal and St Mary’s.

Once in Bicheno, the simplest place to start the walk from was from the turning circle at the east end of Morrison Street. Morrison Street led directly off Burgess Street, which was part of the Tasman Highway as it passed through Bicheno.

An alternative car park was at the north end of Little Street, although there was less space there.

All road approaches to Lookout Rock were sealed.


The track was narrow but easy to follow. It included a few stone steps near Morrison Street and wooden steps near Little Street. Some small trees had fallen across it, but could be stepped over or around. The track followed a loop around Lookout Rock, without crossing the top of it.


There were a number of wildflowers within the Lookout Rock Reserve. Most were nice, but one stood out: the yellow rock orchid (Dockrillia striolata). This is only found on Tasmania’s East Coast and Flinders Island. Locally, masses of it grew in every possible crevice in Lookout Rock.


Latest visit 27th September 2016
Road Sealed
Parking Small, sealed
Shelter None at the ends of the walk, but easy to find within Bicheno
Toilets None at the ends of the walk, but nearby at the Recreation Ground or The Gulch.



Walked 0.7 kilometres in 30 minutes. Incorrectly thought the access was from Fraser Street due to inaccurate map. Having started from Morrison Street, the track was easy to find. Walked from Morrison Street 1½ times around Lookout Rock, finishing on Little Street.

The direction of tracks leaving the main loop was not obvious. signs indicating which road they led to would have been helpful.

Should I visit?

If you are visiting Bicheno for the first time, you should probably start by walking up Whaler’s Lookout. That walk includes signs that will help you identify the plants on the east coast. If you have already seen Whaler’s Lookout, you will still find that Lookout Rock has some unique features that justify a visit. If you have at least an hour to spare, you may choose to walk between the two, or to the famed Bicheno Blowhole, which is a short distance southeast from the Little String car park.

Visit in spring to see the wildflowers at their best.


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Map of this walk

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