The view from the Mersey Valley Oliver’s Road Scenic Lookout

Photograph of line of mountain bluffs under a clear blue sky.

Tasmania’s Mersey Valley is a pleasant green expanse in the north of the state. The Mersey Valley Oliver’s Road Scenic Lookout offers views from the western end of the valley.

Getting there

The lookout was, helpfully enough, on the side of Oliver’s Road. This road was sealed but had many tight bends. Allow plenty of time for driving along it. The lookout itself was marked by signs but could be easily missed. Pay attention after driving past the junction to Lemonthyme Road (if travelling south) or Old Gad’s Hill Road (if travelling north).

The car park was a patch of gravel next to Oliver’s Road.

The lookout is the yellow pin at the left edge of this map. The blue pins mark prominent mountains visible from the lookout.


The view from the lookout was along the north edge of the Great Western Tiers, from the nearby Western Bluff (10 kilometres) to the distant Quamby Bluff (43 kilometres). Beyond them lay Ben Lomond, 120 kilometres away but still visible on a clear day.


Latest visit 28th July 2018
Road Sealed
Parking Long narrow stretch of gravel
Shelter None
Toilets None (go to Mersey River or O’Neill’s Park)

Should I visit?

This lookout alone isn’t worth making a detour to see. However, if you are travelling on Oliver’s Road, it is worth stopping to see the Mersey Valley from here.

If you are planning to walk up Western Bluff, this is the best angle to see what you are about to attempt.


All photographs from this lookout

Map of this lookout

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