The view from The Sideling Lookout

Photograph of low mountain tinted pink by sunset.

The Tasman Highway connects Hobart to Launceston in a wide loop around Tasmania’s east coast. Between Scottsdale and Launceston it winds over the Sideling Range and is called “The Sideling”. This road is not the easiest to drive, but from the north-east edge of the ridge a car park and lookout offer impressive views over Scottsdale and Mount Stronach.

Getting there

The car park was hard to miss while driving from either direction. It contained one of the few patches of grass in a road otherwise surrounded by treeferns, plantations or steep drops. It was on the east side of the road, so on the right while driving from Launceston and on the left while driving from Scottsdale.




Latest visit 8th September 2018
Road Sealed
Parking Large
Shelter Yes
Toilets Yes

Should I visit?

If you are not familiar with The Sideling and are driving through it, you should stop at the lookout for safety. Admire the view while you are there. It also contains the only public toilet for dozens of kilometres in either direction.

In a state with many spectacular sights, The Sideling Lookout on its own does not justify itself as a destination unless you have very limited time and want to stay on sealed roads.


Map of this lookout

All photographs from this lookout

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