The view from Red Knoll Lookout

Photograph of mountains surrounding artificial lake.

Southwest Tasmania is famous for its rugged landscape. Hardy bushwalkers recommend walking it for days for the best experience, but you can catch a glimpse from your car if you drive to Red Knoll, on the southern edge of Lake Pedder.

Getting there

Red Knoll lies within the Southwest National Park, so visitors will need a current National Parks Pass.

As of January 2014, there was no place to buy petrol southwest of the town of Maydena. From there, the drive was along Gordon River Road for 31 winding kilometres followed by turn south onto Scotts then a turn onto Scotts Peak Road and 38 kilometres from there.

All of these roads were built to admit construction vehicles for dams and power stations. They were wide, solid and had smooth bends. However, the entire length of Scotts Peak Road was unsealed.


Red Knoll looked over the “new” Lake Pedder created by the Serpentine Dam, Scotts Peak Dam and Edgar Dam. On a clear day, mountains filled the horizon in every direction. A cairn at the lookout helpfully labelled most of them.


Latest visit 12th January 2014
Road Unsealed for the 38 kilometre length of Scotts Peak Road
Parking Small, unsealed
Shelter None
Toilets None (go to Huon Campground)

Should I visit?

If you want to walk Tasmania’s rugged southwest, drive here first to get a clear idea of what you’re about to attempt.

If you don’t want to walk Tasmania’s rugged southwest, drive here so you can at least see some of it from your car.

If artificial bodies of water offend you, bring some photographs of the old Lake Pedder to understand what is underneath.

If artificial bodies of water impress you, come and see the largest freshwater storage in Australia.

However, if you don’t like driving on gravel for hours, this lookout is not for you. Go to Strathgordon instead and see Lake Pedder from there.


Restoring Lake Pedder – Maps – Visualisation of the old and new lake boundaries

Hydro Tasmania – Gordon-Pedder

Map of this lookout

All photographs from this lookout

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