Walking along Mother Cummings Rivulet

Water flowing around boulder into blue pool

Mother Cummings Rivulet flows out of the mountains southwest of Meander, Tasmania. Following the rivulet upstream leads to Smoko Falls, and eventually to Cummings Head. The track to Chasm Falls is also in the area.

Getting There

Drive to Meander, then turn south along Huntsman Road. Turn right onto Meander Falls Road. Avoid the bridge to Meander Falls; you are now on Smoko Road. Follow that to a small turning circle and a sign pointing to “Chasm Falls”, “Smoko Falls” and “Mother Cummings Peak”.


We had intended to walk to Chasm Falls or Smoko Falls, but the tracks to both start by crossing Mother Cummings Rivulet. We had chosen to visit in Spring, when the falls would be at their best, but this meant that the rivulet was also high. We elected not to risk the slippery rocks and deep pools. One of our books mentioned an alternative route up the east side of the rivulet. So, we followed the ribbons northeast from the car park, then west to the rivulet.

This started as a well-formed track on a gentle slope. In a few places there were fallen trees to negotiate, but these weren’t much of a problem. Then the track climbed steeply away from the rivulet to a scree slope. Shortly after that, it reached a slippery fallen tree, and we all turned back.


The rivulet tumbled over many short waterfalls on its way down the hill. Individually these weren’t particularly impressive, as we didn’t reach Chasm Falls, but the overall experience of walking along the rivulet was worthwhile.


Given the combination of cool climate, shade and moisture, we were not surprised to be walking past many rainforest species, including a fine assortment of ferns, moss and lichen.


The steep climb in the track ended at a scree slope. This took us out of the rainforest and offered good views of the nearby mountains.


This video follows Mother Cummings Rivulet upstream from Meander Falls Road, to the car park, to the end of our walk.


Road Sealed
Parking Small, potentially muddy
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to the Meander Picnic Ground if the bridge has been repaired, or to Meander Dam)
Latest visit 9th September 2012



Made good time, on the flatter sections. The track past the scree slope was not easy travelling, and speed didn’t help with the fallen tree.


Travelled 2.9 kilometres in 2 hours 47 minutes. Also reached the fallen tree.

Walking Stick

Reached but did not attempt the steep climb to the scree slope. Probably shouldn’t have gone that far. Returned to the car park and had a pleasant stroll down Smoko Road while waiting for other walkers to return.

Should I Visit?

Mother Cummings Rivulet is picturesque, but the final stretch of driving is unpleasant, and the track is in poor condition. You may enjoy it if you’re happy with a short walk through rainforest. If you like your walks to have a well-defined endpoint, you may be frustrated.

Do not bring children if they need active supervision.


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