Walking in Sensation Gorge Conservation Area

Distant forest and mountains seen from quarry


As noted in the comments, it is possible to walk into Sensation Gorge itself but not from the quarry described here. To enter Sensation Gorge, start from either parking further west along Liena Road, or from Union Bridge Road.

Apart from its famed National Parks, Tasmania has hundreds of smaller Conservation Areas and other reserves. You can be driving along a road and see a car park, a sign saying “Sensation Gorge Conservation Area” and a track. You search for that name, and find a single line Parks & Wildlife Reserve Summary Report confirming its existence, and nothing else. (Many other sites claim to have information, but turn out to have nothing but the latitude and longitude, scraped from some existing map and displayed with advertisements.) The only way to find out more is to walk up the track – so we did.

Getting There

The car park is a short distance west of Mole Creek, on Liena Road. Look on the north side of the road for the “Sensation Gorge Conservation Area” sign.


The track led to a disused quarry. While an interesting site, the name of “Sensation Gorge” had made us hope that (1) the track would lead to a gorge, and (2) the gorge would be sensational. Maps confirmed there was a Sensation Gorge to the west of our location, but none showed any tracks leading there.


Vegetation – some native, some introduced – was rapidly covering the quarry surfaces. This may be a colourful spot in Spring.



Road Sealed
Parking Small
Shelter No
Toilets No (go to Mole Creek)
Latest visit 15th September 2012


Walking Stick

Strolled up the track without difficulty, didn’t climb high enough to see the tiers.


Travelled 1.0 kilometres in 16 minutes. Scrambled up the quarry face, enjoyed the view of the tiers.

Should I Visit?

No. If you want to see a “sensational gorge” near Mole Creek, visit the Tulampanga Alum Cliffs.


All photographs from this walk

Map from this walk

3 thoughts on “Walking in Sensation Gorge Conservation Area

  1. The actual Sensation Gorge is along the course of Overflow Creek, about one kilometre west of the Conservation Area sign.

  2. As stated above, Sensation Gorge is further along the road, and it also has a couple of nice waterfalls.
    Perhaps the review should be amended, as it is very misleading.

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